Monday, December 21, 2015

CSA Kitchen Sink Carrot Ginger Soup

Continuing on the theme of CSA prep and process before going to GA and returning to rotten vegetables in the fridge... Process, prep, and freeze production continues...  Apologies if all these ingredients are random and mainly found in the CSA... But look at your life and look at your choices and invest in farm fresh seasonal goodness.


Canola oil
2 onions
2 buttercup squash - roasted the day before and cooled
1 bunch purple carrots
3 parsnips

A good 3-4 inch nubbin of ginger
2 boxes of chicken broth
Salt to taste
1/8 C honey
1 cup whole milk

Coat bottom of stock pan with canola.

Throw in roughly chopped onion.

As you roughly chop other ingredients add in leek, carrots, parsnip.

Scoop out of skin and add squash flesh to pot.

Add 2 boxes of chicken broth and fresh ginger - peeled and roughly chopped.

Simmer for an hour or until carrots are pierced easily with a fork.

Turn off heat and add milk and honey.  Adjust seasoning.

Using my favorite kitchen toy.  Immersian blend the heck out of the soup.  

Taste, cool, package, and freeze for a rainy day.

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